My wife and kids were always telling me you need a cell phone.  I said, “I don’t need one.”  After all I have a phone in my office and my home.  Why do I need  another phone?  Each phone has a answering system. People can get in touch with me,  there is no problem.

Have you ever been to the Apple store in Fresno? It amazing how many people there are in the store waiting for their turn to talk to somebody.  It is full of people all the time and every day.

My wife got me a cell phone.  Now if I leave the house with out it. I feel undressed,  and I go back home to get it.  Believe it or not  it does even more than my computer does.  I look at it many time a day. Most people I know are in my phone. Just touch their name and it calls them.  Plus I have 5 different new papers there that I read each day.  The head lines mostly.  Plus it takes great pictures.  Plus e-mail and face-book, and the internet.  Also Bibles and Bible studies. And few others things.

What is the problem? I can’t leave it alone.