Memorize and repeat God's promises to your self. .
    Few disciplines alleviate fear like recalling the marvelous promises of God.
    "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me" (psalm 23:4 KJV).
    '''I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die'" (John 11:25).
    '''If go and prepare a place for you, I will corm back and take you to be with me that you also may hi where I am" (John 14:3).
    "There is now no condemnation for those who an in Christ Jesus" (Romans 8:1).
    "If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved" (Rom. 10:9).
    It's amazing how just repeating God's promise, alleviates our fears and gives us a quiet heart. Trust Him completely, He cannot tell a lie!
    Review what the Bible says will happen when you die .

    Information helps eliminate fear. When we die, our spirit slips away from the physical body. and enters immediately into the presence of God. JesuS told a dying thief, "Today you will be with me in paradise,” When a hand is removed from a glove, the glove has the form of the hand but is not the hand; so when a person dies, the body has the form of. the person but' is not the person. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" (2 Corinthians 5:8).
    When Christ returns, He will bring the spirits of those who have died and "the dead in Christ will rise" (1 Thessalonians 4:16). At that point we will be given a new glorified body and dwell forever with the Lord. "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands" (2 Corinthians 5:1) ..
    It's been well said, "We are not in the land of the living going to the land of the dying. We are in the land of the dying, going to the land of the living!"
    Imagine the joys or heaven.
    The Bible says, "Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things" (Colossians 3:2). 

A couple plans a trip to Paris for their 25th Anniversary. They read brochures, view pictures and videos and eagerly anticipate what lies in store for them. They get excited about Paris even though they've never been there. They probably dread the six-hour plane ride, but they're willing to endure it to get to their destination.
    None of us is excited about the process of dying.
    But think about being welcomed home by Jesus and thanking him for your salvation. Think about the people you anticipate seeing again. Think about the new glorified, painless body you will be given. Think about the activities you want to participate in. Think about the worship of God with millions of other believers ... that will be the most glorious event you've ever experienced! Set your mind on the things above and remember, "God is able to do more than we ask or imagine."
    Live in the precious present with the peace of God guarding your heart.
    Jesus said, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" (Matthew 6:34).
    Don't let worry about dying rob you of the joys and opportunities of this day. Live this moment to the fullest; the Lord will take care of the future. This week I made a plaque that will remind me of this truth every time I see it.  It reads:  "Fear not tomorrow ... God is already there."

Pastor Paul Leavens