Why I am a Christian?

"WHY ARE YOU a Christian?" asked a friend a long time ago. I can remember stumbling over his question because at that time in my life, I had never given it much thought. When pressed for an answer I said things like: "My father was a minister, my family always goes to church, my brothers and my sister were all baptized by my dad."

Why are you a Christian? Over the years I have come to believe it is one of the most formational questions of identity and, more important, integrity. While it is important to know who you are, I think it is more important to know why you are a Christian.' Knowing who you are. will give you a sense of identity. Knowing why you are a Christian, on the other hand, will clothe your identity with integrity. Integrity is knowing why you are who you are.

It is important to be a Christian. That is the mark of identity for many of us. It is also important to know why you are a Christian. That is the mark of integrity which many of us need.

OVER THE YEARS, I have given much thought to the question, "Why am I Christian?" I believe it must be addressed before one's Christian identity will have any integrity about it. So, why am I a Christian? Here are some reasons:

I am who I am because, to a large extent, it is the natural result of my upbringing.     I am a preacher's kid. I grew up in the church.

I can never remember a time when I did not love Jesus. Some of my earliest memories as a child are those of singing in Sunday School, "The B·I·B·I-E, yes that's the book for me."

When I graduated from high school and went off to college. I had my doubts about the church,  and church people, and the Bible. I soon realized I  did not have a faith of my own.  I had my parents Faith.  Not my faith.   I realized I did not know who I was, and had no faith of my own.  So for the first time in my life even though I grew up in  the church.  I begin to read the Bible for my self.  Wanting to belittle all I have been taught as I grew up.  I wanting to set my self free. I now realize  with the Holy Spirit as my guide, I entered at the portico of Genesis, walked down the corridor of the Old Testament galleries, where pictures of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Ezekiel, David, Isaac, Jeremiah and Daniel hang on the wall.

I PASSED INTO THE MUSIC room of the Psalms, where the Spirit sweeps the keyboard of nature until it seems that every reed and pipe in God's great organ responds to the harp of David, the sweet singer of Israel.

I entered the chamber of Ecclesiastes, where the voice of the preacher is heard, and into the conservatory of Sharon and the lily of the valley, where sweet spices filled and perfumed my life.

I entered the business office of Proverbs and into the observatory of the prophets, where I saw telescopes of various sizes pointing to far off events, concentrating on the bright and morning star, which was to rise above the moonlit hills of Judea for our salvation and redemption.

I entered the audience room of the King of Kings, catching-a vision written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Then into the correspondence room with Paul, Peter, James and John writing their Epistles, to difference churches.

THEN INTO  THE THRONE ROOM of Revelation, where tower the glittering peaks, where sits the King of Kings upon His throne of glory and I cried out: "All hail the power of Jesus' name! Let angels prostrate fall; Bring forth the royal diadem; and crown him Lord of am"

The Book of Revelation tells the Christian no matter what happens in this world, you win - you win!

Yes, I am a Christian because I read the Bible.

The Bible only makes Christians only,  and if you are anything other than a Christian you are something God never intended you to be.

Pastor Paul Leavens - Minister - Lindsay Christian.