Church Life at the Christian Church in Lindsay, Ca

Luana writes: Wow! I love my church family . So I found this sweet puppy on my way to church . My sweet husband allowed me to bring her to Sunday school and distract his class , Wayne Bradford rushed to the store and bought puppy chow , Audrey Bradford took her to children's church during the sermon , Polly and Art Hembre babysat puppy while we had lunch at McDonald’s, and our friend James adopted her and gave her a loving home . Hope I didn't miss anyone . What a ton of love was shown today . God Bless our  church family .
    Our Church news letter went out in January in E-Mail.  Debbie, Paul, Hazel, and Brenda got it done.  Team work at its best.
    Victoria Lane - Baptized january 18, 2014  Many of her family and friends came that day. What a great day!  Get to know Victoria's children: Violette, Curina, and baby Jace.
    Jennifer Landers went to Nicaragua on a mission trip.

    Pray for Gene and Katrina Roberts.  While they were gone over the weekend, their house was broken into. They even took their truck and car, plus a lot other things.   The truck and car has been returned.
    We are saddened to report the sudden death of one of our members, Jack Owen on January 19th• Jack was with us at China's on January 2nd. Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Janice of Visalia.
    Zach Atkison placed 2nd in the school Spelling Bee after 22 rounds and will be competing in Visalia on February 26th! Josiah Atkison passed his written drivers test December 31 st and will start driving school January 28th, then he can drive!
    The Demerath's are busy with wrestling. Arthur (Al) went 2-2 at 106 for Monache, losing to wrestlers ranked No. 11 and No. 18 in the state on January 18th• Art Demerath is the coach for Monache and Zachary, who is a freshman, is also competing.
    Bill Drennen’s Funeral Service. He was the city manger.  We put all our chairs out for the service at our church.   It was February 15.  The WCF did a great job feeding the crowd. THANK YOU to the entire congregation for helping with the Memorial and reception luncheon for former Lindsay City Manager, Bill Drennen.  You all came through with wonderful food, moving chairs, organizing and serving, clean up, providing music, and sound technology,
    James Johnson and Debbie Landers now Camp Board Members - with Katrina Roberts.
On Sunday, February 24, young Isaac Farias flawlessly read the Bible scripture Mark 10:13-16 before Pastor Paul's sermon. Isaac proved how important children are to God's Kingdom because he brought several of his friends and family to hear him read the scripture!
    Doris Hurtado now has a pace maker and we pray that will help with her health!
    THANK YOU from mother Carrie Holtermann for her son Eric Holtermann in the Army:  Thanks for sending him the boxes.   His troop) very much appreciated everything that people sent.   Please pray for our military young people like Eric Holtermann and  Matthew Blair.
    A new projector was installed for the worship area. To be used in worship,  VBS, and funerals.  Its a brighter bigger picture.  The cost did not from the church.  It was a gift to the church. Someone who believes in the future of the church.  Installed by Wade Roberts,  helper was Gene Roberts. The old one was there 9 years old and was fading.
    Wedding  Saturday April 5, 2014,  for Maria and Jesus Avalos
    New Doors put on Memory Hall - Thank you Mike Domres
Art Hembree bought two lawn mover’s took one home and gave the other to the church.
    Graduates: Audrey Bradford 8th. grade,  A.J. Demerath, Jennifer Fahardo,  High     School, Eric Soto, & Jennifer Landers College.
At Ladies Luncheon Entertainment came from Jill Mechciz & her daughter Molly Pitter
    Had a great Mother’s Day with The Diggles Family Singers. A lot of visitors. THey led the worship on Mother’s day.  It was wonderful.
    What does are church do with its money?  Its tithes 11% of its income.  
Our Charitable disbursements our:  Tumaini Hope Child Sponsorship,  Melton Family,  Sierra Christian Service Camp,  Good News Productions,  API,  VBS,  NACC,  CDF,  Marilyn Snyder, Steve & Debbie Bixler.  
    Laural Sallee became a member of the Church June 8, 2014
    Wade put speakers in the cry room so mothers can hear the sermon while there.
V.B.S. was great.  Seven kids came to worship Sunday Morning!  Wonderful!
Brenda and Polly shampooed the carpet in the pastor’s office while he was on vacation.  Thank You Ladies.
     Pastor Paul was asked to speak at the Church of the Nazarene in Porterville.